Monday, April 16, 2012

Story of Strength: One Learns to Speak Out

Today I'm glad to continue my Stories of Strength series.  This woman has used her beautiful talent for prose to describe her experience with a troubled relationship entitled, "One Learns to Speak Out."  Read on!  I think you'll find it powerful and insightful.

***If you're wondering what I'm talking about, check out my call for stories of strength.  Don't disregard your own story because you don't think the experiences were "bad enough" or because you don't write "good enough".  We can all benefit from hearing the different ways other women show their strength.  If you're wondering about whether your particular experience fits, don't. :)  If you're a woman, and you've dealt with something difficult, you have a story of strength!  To get the details on how to share your story of strength, click here.  You can check out my own personal example of a story of strength as an example.

Source: via Joy on Pinterest

He should have fought his darkest demons to task
Rigid control was never a question, it veiled his sympathetic mask
Mistaken attitude of blurred boundaries and rumors ran on
Dewy eye patient’s, with distorted heroism and plenty of fans
Peers bestowed upon him the title,
Most compassionate surgeon, so who was this man?
Ethical rules were in place to do no harm
Therefore no one sought to sound the alarms
Except a flower lady who whispers her knowing
A daunting surgery to rid her body of malignant cells
 Her heart truly filled with only love, faith and kindness
 Expose an awareness of tainted laughter, polluted words, and a dreary kiss.
 Now a secret, a wrong, did no nurse see, was this just another scandalous miss?
The doctor sought forgiveness, and yelled "you don’t know me at all”
And he pleaded with grief to not let him fall.
Her troubled flashbacks, a hurt full sorrow beyond belief
 Broken trust she cried, with mad confusion and shouts.
Emotional scars now seeking balance and relief
 But it only heals when
One learns to speak out.

***Update: To answer your questions, the author of this poem has clarified her situation with me.  She was a victim of multiple incidents of sexual abuse by her surgeon/doctor.  She has reported his misconduct to the medical board.

What do you this of this woman's poem?  What encouragement would you give about her situation?


  1. I'm not clear on what the poem is about - was she abused by a doctor?

  2. Thanks for your question, I have written a brief update at the end of the poem explaining the situation. Thanks to this brave woman (lady warrior) for sharing her story with us.

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